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    The Fashion of F1: Daniel Ricciardo

    Daniel Ricciardo is a fun-loving Australian F1 driver with a competitive edge. Though he’s extremely well-known in the circuit now, he began as an outsider to the world of racing and pushed his way in through talent and perseverance. He enters…

  • Wellness

    5 Daily Ways to Manage Anxiety

    Anxiety can be an extremely frustrating and disheartening issue to constantly grapple with. It takes a variance of forms, but they’re generally all draining (emotionally and physically!) and disruptive to daily life. Even if you have high-functioning anxiety, its likely…

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    5 Fashion Magazines Better Than Vogue

    You’ve been inundated with the notion that American Vogue is the only fashion magazine worth your time and sold the message that “before its in fashion, it’s in Vogue.”  You know Anna Wintour, whose blacked-out sunglasses and knife-sharp bob increases…