5 Fashion Magazines Better Than Vogue

You’ve been inundated with the notion that American Vogue is the only fashion magazine worth your time and sold the message that “before its in fashion, it’s in Vogue.” 

You know Anna Wintour, whose blacked-out sunglasses and knife-sharp bob increases her intimidation factor enough to make you believe this slogan’s facade is true. 

But here’s the thing. Vogue has been bone-dry of innovative content for a long time. And if that’s not a compelling enough reason for you to avoid wasting your time in its pages, the racism allegations that have been circling for years, but also those who just came out in overwhelming numbers, most definitely should be. 

Unfortunately, Vogue is not alone in these allegations, as many of its contemporaries face similar charges, proving what we all knew to be true: no matter how inclusive fashion parades itself to be, there’s still a significant amount of work to be done to achieve equal opportunities. 

So here are more interesting, more ground-breaking magazines to support: 

  1. Love Magazine: Started in 2009 by Katie Grand, Love Magazine has been at the forefront of fashion, but with its own distinct style. Its emphasis on multi-media content provides options for every consumers’ preferences and its support of young and avant-garde artists makes it unique in its field. However, Love Magazine is a great place to start for those with a budding interest in fashion as its faces are far from unrecognizable—think: Bella Hadid, Zendaya, Miley Cryus. Note: Nudity is not spared, but is ultimately a useful tool towards emphasizing the magazine’s raw aesthetic. Also exciting, Love Magazine has recently appointed Pierre A. M’Pelé as the new Editor-in-Chief. Pierre aka @pam_boy is a young, French fashion journalist and critic whose fresh perspective is sure to bring exciting things to the magazine. 

2. CRWNMAG: A more recent publication, Co-Founders Lindsey Day and Nkrummah Farrar made CRWNMAG with the intention of discussing the natural hair movement and catering to a Black female audience. With STUNNING editorials and a revitalizing perspective, CRWNMAG is making necessary waves in a stagnant editorial industry. 

3. Neu Neu Magazine: Do you ever have that feeling of looking a magazines on a shelf and NONE stand out at you? That will surely never be your issue with Neu Neu. Captivating, well-executed, and affordable, Neu Neu is one of the best magazines for images I’ve encountered. Centering around fashion, music, and culture, Neu Neu seems to have their hands on the pulse of what you never knew you needed more of. 

4. Pop Magazine: Another one of Katie Grand’s endeavors, this time in tandem with Ashley Heath, Pop Magazine makes cute, collage style grunge. They have a nice way of reimagining some of your favorite celebrities in their editorials, and even though the images are beautiful, they always seem to link back to the clothes. 

5. British Vogue: Honestly, almost every other Vogue publication is sure to be better than American Vogue, but British Vogue, at least right now, does. it. better. Even their Youtube channel is more interesting, with series like “In the Bag” (where celebrities share the mainstays of their purses—one of my favorites), “Inside the Wardrobe,” and “The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung.” 

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